Saturday, July 18, 2015

"kkaen nip Jang A Jji" Perilla Leaf Kimchi/紫苏叶泡菜/깻잎장아찌

"kkaen nip Jang A Jji" Perilla Leaf Kimchi/紫苏叶泡菜/깻잎장아찌     

 I have just done another version of my "kkaen nip Jang A Jji" Perilla Leaf Kimchi/紫苏叶泡菜/깻잎장아찌.   It takes time to ferment ~~Theses perilla leaves are from my weekend farm ! The colour is beautiful ~~
 刚完成了另一个食谱的"kkaen nip Jang A Jji" Perilla Leaf Kimchi/紫苏叶泡菜/깻잎장아찌.
需待发酵~~这紫苏叶是来自我的周末菜园 !紫苏叶的颜色很漂亮 ~~

Perilla frutescens (L.Britt. (syn. Perilla nankinensis (Lour.Decne., etc.) is a cultivated plant of the mint familyLamiaceae. It is the species identification encompassing two distinct varieties of traditional crop in East Asia:
  1. P. frutescens var. crispa, the aromatic leafy herb called by its Japanese name shiso, which in turn is aloan word from the Chinese紫蘇pinyinzi-suWade–Giles: tsu-su. The plant occurs in red (purple-leaved) or green-leaved forms. The now less fashionable English name "beefsteak plant" has been superseded by the Japanese-derived name shiso in the mass media and popular literature.
  2. P. frutescens var. frutescens or var. japonica, the oilseed crop, source of perilla oil and a common food ingredient in Korean cuisine, both as "wild sesame" in seed form, and as "sesame leaves". The provisional English name "wild sesame" is a literal translation of the Korean name Hangul들깨RRdeulggaeMR:tŭlkkae. In Japan this type of perilla is called egoma (エゴマ or 荏胡麻?) (from 荏, Japanese: e-Chinese:pinyinrenWade–GilesjenKorean im), and is not shiso
red perilla has red leaves and is used mostly in fish stews in China. Koreans make pickled "wild sesame" perilla leaves with red chili powder and soy sauce. Oil extracted from P. frutescens var. frutescens "is still used to cover cookies in rural areas of Korea". Sometimes, the seeds are ground and added to soup for seasoning in Korea.

The Japanese shiso leaves come in green, red, bicolored, and crinkly (chirimen-jiso) varieties, as noted. Parts of the plants eaten are the leaves, flowers and buds from the flower stalks, fruits and seeds (mericarp), and sprouts.
Japanese use green shiso leaves raw with sashimi. Dried leaves are also infused to make tea.[citation needed] The red shiso leaf is not normally consumed fresh, but needs to be cured, e.g. in salt. The pigment in the leaves turns from purple to bright red color when steeped in umezu, and is used to color and flavor umeboshi
  1. 紫蘇学名Perilla frutescens),古名,又名白苏桂荏(《爾雅》)、荏子赤苏红苏香苏黑苏白紫苏青苏野苏苏麻苏草唐紫苏皱叶苏鸡苏臭苏大紫苏假紫苏水升麻野藿麻聋耳麻孜珠兴帕夏噶藏语)等,是唇形科紫苏属下唯一种,一年生草本植物,主產於东南亚台湾、中国江西湖南等中南部地区、喜马拉雅地区,日本缅甸朝鲜半岛印度尼泊尔也引进此种,而北美洲也有生长。
韩国人用紫蘇(Perilla frutescens)的种子压榨食用油,或者用种子磨成粉加入中作调味品
(source: wikipedia)

This is very simple and easy, the ratio for Korean soy bean sauce, vinegar and  Korean corn syrup is 1 : 1 : 1. No need to boil, just mix and stir it well...
这是非常简单和容易, 韩式酱清,醋 和韩式麦芽糖的比例是 1 : 1 : 1. 无需煮,只需混合均匀就行了

                                               Wash and drain the perilla leaves...

Put the perilla leaves in a glass container and pour in the sauce.  Store it in the refrigeratoar.  Let it to ferment for at least 2 weeks, the longer the better !
将紫苏叶放入玻璃容器里,倒入酱料。让它发酵最少 2 周, 时间越长越佳 !

This perilla leaf kimchi is rather salty ,therefore, when you eat it, eat it piece by piece. Put a piece of perilla leaf kimchi on top of a spoonful cooked rice , eat it together, then, you won't feel  salty.....

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Salam Aidilfitri /开斋节快乐/ Happy Aidilfitri

Salam Aidilfitri /开斋节快乐/ Happy Aidilfitri
I would like to wish all my Muslim friends, readers Selamat Hari Raya /Happy Aidilfitri. May you and your family have a blessed Aidilfitri ~~

Saturday, July 11, 2015

人参鸡汤/Ginseng chicken soup/삼계탕

人参鸡汤/Ginseng chicken soup/삼계탕
Dear friends, this coming Monday is the Chobok (초복) in Korea, is the day that Koreans enjoy the Ginseng Chicken Soup/ Samgyetang.
Samgyetang is a hot soup for hot summer days. It is especially popular to eat this chicken soup on sambok (삼복) days, which are three distinct days of the lunar calendar — Chobok (초복), Jungbok (중복), and Malbok (말복) - which are commonly among the hottest and most sultry days in Korea.[ It is believed to eat the soup thr...eetimes in this period is good for your health.
Samgyetang (Korean pronunciation: [sʰamɡjetʰaŋ]) means ginseng (kor. insam) - chicken (kor. gye) - soup (kor. tang). It consists primarily of a whole young chicken (poussin) - filled with garlic and rice -, scallion and spices, among them jujube and Korean ginseng (source:wikipedia)
亲爱的朋友们,在这来临的星期一是“初伏”Chobok (초복),是韩国人家家户户都会准备享用人参鸡汤的日子。
根据农历,一年之中,有三天是最热的日子,被称为“三伏”;初伏Chobok (초복), 中伏Jungbok (중복), 末伏Malbok (말복) 。
Recipe is available at…/…/ginseng-chicken-soup.html

Saturday, June 27, 2015

"Chwi-nun-i-kong Maeul "/鹿霍村/쥐눈이콩마을 ( Part 2 )

Out of my imagination ! The combination of tomato and the "Cheongguk Jang" !
"Cheongguk Jang "/청국장/清国酱 is a fermented soybean paste used in Korean cuisine. It contains whole as well as ground soybeans.Cheonggukjang is generally considered to be a healthy food (particularly in the winter), as it is rich in vitamins and other nutrients, though its very strong odor is not universally enjoyed. But, you don't have to worry the strong odor from this dish, is really recommended.

真难以想像!番茄和清国酱“ Cheongguk Jang"的组合 !"Cheongguk Jang "/청국장/清国酱 是韩式料理中,经发酵后的豆酱。有些是粒状的,也有酱式的。这清国酱被认为是一种健康食品(尤其是在冬天),因为它含有丰富的维他命和其他的营养,虽然它含有浓浓的一股味道,有些人会难以接受。 但,您可不必担心这道菜会有难以接受的味道,极力推荐。

Remove the lid of the tomato, you can see the "cheonggukjang"  are  stuffed inside the tomato. This "cheonggukjang" are made from the bean of  "Chwi-nun-i-kong" too.
掀开了番茄盖,您就可看到番茄内装了清果酱"cheonggukjang"。这清果酱"cheonggukjang"是用 "Chwi-nun-i-kong"豆制成的。

             Cheer ! Bottom up with this homemade "Makkeori" from this restaurant.
                                       乾杯! 乾了出自这餐馆的"Makkeori"

Kimchi and the "Chwi-nun-i-kong"puree
Salad with blueberry dressing
Homemade tofu with kimchi
Fried vegetables
"Japchae"/Korean style vermicelli
Lotus root & apple with black sesame dressing
Sliced potatoes
Smoked duck meat
Bean paste Korean rice cake
Ganjang Gejang"/ marinate the crabs with soy bean sauce.
                       在韩文,我们称它为“Ganjang Gejang"/用酱油腌制的螃蟹。
Many side dishes are served with the rice, including deonjang jigae,nurunji,eggplant,cucumber,radish kimchi,dried radish leaves dishes, etc

"Chwi-nun-i-kong Maeul "/鹿霍村/쥐눈이콩마을 ( Part 1 )

Amazing ! The red pepper sauce, soybean paste,  soybean sauce, Cheong-guk-jang etc are made by the owner of this restaurant ,"Chwi-nun-i-kong Maeul "/鹿霍村/쥐눈이콩마을 . This restaurant is located in Kyonggi do , Goyang Si, the map of the location is available at the website  .
In Korean, "Chwi-nun-i-kong "쥐눈이콩 is the small black bean; in English & Chinese are Rhynchosia Volubilis /鹿霍 respectively.
The compound area of this restaurant is about 1,800 pyeong ( 1 pyeong is about 3.3 sq feet ). Let have a quick glance of it before we enjoy the dishes....^-^

真是太棒了!这瓮里的 韩式辣椒酱,豆酱,酱油,清国酱等全是这餐馆主人亲自酿制的,"Chwi-nun-i-kong Maeul "/鹿霍村/쥐눈이콩마을 。 这餐馆位于京畿道,高阳市,地址可参阅该餐馆的网站,  .
在韩文,"Chwi-nun-i-kong "쥐눈이콩 是指一种黑色的小豆; 英文和中文的名称,分别是 Rhynchosia Volubilis /鹿霍 。
这餐馆的周围面积,大约有 1,800 坪 ( 一坪 是 3.3 平方公尺)。 
在还未用餐之前, 先让我们来观览其周围的环境.....^-^

                                            At the entrance of the restaurant

Not only the restaurant, the organic food market and cafe are available here too

                                                 Part of the organic farm

                                                  Part of the organic farm

                                                  Part of the organic farm

                                       This is the place for them to make tofu

                                                From the restaurant to the Cafe

                                 This Cafe is run by the brother of the owner 's brother

                                           One of the corner of the garden

                                                              The Cafe

                                   This restaurant has been on TV Show, was crowned as the best

                                     One of the homemade organic food corners

                                                  Dishes are sold here too

                                                            Sauces corner

                                       One of the homemade organic food corners

                                                          The restaurant

                              Let's play the swing before we enter the restaurant ^-^
                              在还未进入餐馆之前,先来荡秋千吧 ^-^

Thursday, June 25, 2015

사랑하는 큰딸아,케이크 만들어줘서 고마워!

Thanks my eldest daughter for making this special sugar craft cake,26th wedding anniversary !

          My daughter, she designed and made this sugar craft cake for dad & mum!
                       She designed these wedding suit and gown for dad & mum ^-^
                       她为我们所设计的礼服 ^-^
                                    Back of "my wedding gown" ^-^
                                    礼服的到后面 ^-^

                                                    Thanks for the roses !!
                                                    每一瓣花朵,隐藏了几许的爱! 谢谢 !!

                                          I treasure the love from my family !
                                          我珍惜家人的爱 !

My husband always says that " The most precious treasure in our famly is our two daughters "
我先生常说 “ 我们家最真贵的财产就是我们的两位女儿“

Sunday, June 21, 2015

My Weekend Farm /周末菜园/주말농장

I have dreamt that all the dishes on my dinning table are the vegetables that planted by me !!
从来就不曾想过,摆在我餐桌上的菜肴,所有的蔬菜都栽种来自我手中 !!

In Korea, for those residents who stay in urban area, they can plant the vegetables at the " Weekend Farm ".

                                   Picked the zucchini leaves and made these rice rolls...

                                    My purple colour perilla leaves...

                                   Many kinds of lettuces , kale, crown daisy...

                                    Dioscorea opposita

                                    Houttuynia cordutu 鱼腥草



                                   Sweet potatoes plant..

                                  I am looking forwarding for harvesting the peanuts ^0^

                                                  Green pepper..



                                    Bell pepper

                                                  Picked the zucchini leaves from this tree..


                                    Ground cherry peppers...


                                    Flowers of potatoes


                                   Perilla leaves...

                                    Garnet stem Italian dandelion

                                    Lettuces and crown daisy...