Monday, November 24, 2014

Autumn Leaves /枫叶。。。2014

Autumn Leaves /枫叶。。。2014 Others
2014/11/24 21:51

Dear friends, share with you the beautiful autumn leaves in Korea. I took these pictures while I was on the way to attend my courses.....
亲爱的朋友们,与您分享韩国的枫叶之美。 这是我在去上课途中,匆匆为今秋的猎影。。。。。

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Cafe Street at Pangyo..2014/板桥之咖啡街。。2014 /판교카페거리...2014

Cafe Street at Pangyo..2014/板桥之咖啡街。。2014 Others
2014/11/22 20:15

There is a " Coffee Street" in Pangyo, is about 5 minutes walking distance from my apartment. Every year, this street will be well decorated at the end of the year. Share with you some of the photos...
在板桥有一条“咖啡街”, 离我家大约须5分钟徒步的时间。 每一年的年尾,街道上都有装横

Friday, November 14, 2014

Lotus Root marinated with "Omija"/五味子莲藕片/오미자 연근초절임

                 I was fascinated by this dish when I went for food exhibition...

Fresh " Omija" berries...
Schisandra chinensis (五味子 in Chinese, pinyin: wǔ wèi zi, literally "five flavor berry" which is its common name is a deciduous woody vine native to forests of Northern China and the Russian Far East
Its Chinese name comes from the fact that its berries possess all five basic flavors: salty, sweet, sour, pungent (spicy), and bitter. Sometimes it is more specifically called... běi wǔ wèi zi ((Chinese: 北五味子)
In Korean the berries are known as omija (hangul: 오미자 - five flavours). The cordial drink made from the berries is called omija cha (hangul: 오미자 차), meaning "omija tea";
If you are interested to know how to make "Omija Tea", please refer to

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Raw Lobster /生龙虾片/랍스타회

Raw Lobster /生龙虾片/랍스타회 Food Tour
2014/11/04 22:38

Dear friends, do you know what is this ? This is the raw lobster.....
Kam from Kimchi House has been out from kitchen for writing recipe for the time beings ^-^ ^-^. I was invited by my sister to have lunch at a seafood restaurant, share with you some of the dishes that I took.

亲爱的朋友们,您可知道这是什麽吗? 这是生龙虾片。。。
在短期内,Kam 仍然会暂离厨房,不写食谱·^-^ ^-^..那天受姐姐之邀到一海鲜馆用餐,与您分享其中的一些菜肴。。。

                                              All the seafood were in raw...

                            Side dishes were served  before we enjoyed the seafood...

                                                      Steamed lobsters....

                                                       Side dish....



 I was still not brave enough to taste this raw octopus, they were still " moving " on the dish !
我依然是没勇气享用生八爪鱼这道菜,活生生在盘上蠕动 !



                                                  Spicy seafood soup...

                                               "Mae-sil  Cha"/ plum tea..

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Butter Cookies

                               Dear friends, good morning ! Have a beautiful Sunday...

                               亲爱的朋友们,早安! 祝您渡过一个愉快的星期天。。。

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Spicy & Sour Noodles with Raw Yellowtail Fish/酸辣酱拌面条和青甘鱼片/방어회국수

Spicy & Sour Noodles with Raw Yellowtail Fish/酸辣酱拌面条和青甘鱼片/방어회국수

2014/10/17 06:01

Dear friends, have you ever tried to eat the noodles with the raw fish ? Here it is, I tasted it at the "“U-do/牛岛/우도",seasoned the  noodles and the  raw fish with the vinegar red pepper sauce, In Korean, we call "yellowtail fish" as "방어/Bang-O".
 “U-do/牛岛/우도, is an island not far away from Jeju Island.

亲爱的朋友们,您可曾将面条和生鱼片一起享用 ?这就是我在“U-do/牛岛/우도”所嚐到的,醋辣酱拌面条和生鱼片。。在韩文,我们称 “青乾鱼”为  "방어/Bang-O". “U-do/牛岛/우도“是一个离济州岛不远的一个小岛。。。

The Japanese amberjack or yellowtail, Seriola quinqueradiata, is a bony fish in the family Carangidae. It is native to the northwest Pacific Ocean, from Japan to Hawaii and Baja California.
It is greatly appreciated in Japan, where it is called hamachi or buri (). They are eaten either cooked or raw, and are a seasonal favourite in the colder months when the meat must have higher fat content.

鰤魚五條鰤学名Seriola quinqueradiata),又名青甘鱼平安鱼油甘魚,在新加坡從英語「Amberjack」直譯作「琥珀魚」,是一種分布于台湾日本附近海域的魚。鰤魚在日本有100種以上的名字]。在台灣則是被稱為青甘鰺青甘。鰤魚是屬於溫水性一種.鰤魚含有豐富的DHA,是對人體很健康的食物.
(source : wikipedia)

Seasoned the noodles and raw fish with the vinegar red pepper sauce before we eat...

                               The customer will be given a glove to mix all the ingredients....